PEB Advantages

Pre-Engineered Buildings are very economical and comprise fast construction units, which uses a pre-determined raw material that has been proved in the fullness of time to satisfy an extensive range of structural systems with creative designs.


•  Assured Quality
•  Aesthetic Appeal and Ambience
•  Easy-to-Assemble – Saves time and labor cost
•  Light and easy to handle and store
•  Provides high corrosion protection and hence longevity
•  Suitable to use under all weather conditions
•  Savings in overall construction cost

Advantages of PEB over Conventional Steel Buildings

Pre-Engineered buildings are being chosen over conventional buildings for industrial construction because it’s fast construction. Below is the comparison between PEB Steel buildings and Conventional Steel Buildings, which shows the advantages of PEB services over conventional buildings.

Low Cost /Economical Higher Cost
Short Delivery Time Long Delivery Time
More Design Flexibility Less Design Flexibility
Factory Controlled Quality Multi Part QC Required
Simple Low Cost Foundation Complex Expensive Foundation
Bigger Spans / Heights Restricted Spans / Heights
Ease of Expansion Constraints of Expansion
Re-locatable Limitation of Re-locating
One Stop Source Multiple Sourcing
Simple Erection Method Complex Erection
Higher Resistance to Seismic Force Poor performance in Seismic Force