Pre Engineered Buildings_FAQ's

Q. How much cost variation will be there in comparison to Conventional?

A. Because of its longer bay spacing, span, substituting brick wall with color coated PPGL sheets, Pre- engineered buildings will be 20% to 30% less expensive in comparison to conventional type constructions. The preponderance of savings in cost is achieved because of its faster completion. The owner can be assured of early realization of returns on investments.

Q. Will PEB withstand all weather conditions?

A. Kishore PEBs are designed based on the site’s geographic location considering wind speed and sismic loads. Every region will be having its own designated wind speeds. Wind speed will influences cross sections of the structures. Other aspects are also considered during the designing like snow, nearness to sea, heavy rainfall, high desert temperatures etc.

Q. What all facilities shall be arranged at site by us?

A. Qualified contracting team will be executing the erection and sheeting work of the shed. Water, power accommodation for the crew shall be provided by the owner close to site or preferably with in site. However, Food will be arranged by the erection contractors themselves. Crane will be required for erections, contractors may seek assistance in identifying one locally. However the cranes day charges shall be borne by contractors based on the terms and conditions agreed as per order acknowledgement.

Q. What should be the ideal height of the shed?

A. Usually heights are decided based on the application of shed. In case of a factories the machinery setup and the process influences the demand of height. Designs can be optimized by usage of high bays in machinery region and low bays at utility and stocking regions in case of typical larger areas. Clear Eave heights and Eave heights need to be distinguished while deciding the height of the shed.

Q. What will be the slope of the roofing?

A. Typically the PEBs roofing will be planned at 1:10 ratio to achieve an optimized design. . Varied ratios can also be considered on request.

Q. How to calculate the centre Height (Ridge height)?

A. Let’s assume Slope ratio =1: S, Span (width)=W, Eave height= EH and Ridge height =RH. RH=(W/(S x 2))+E . Example S=10, W =100’ and EH=25’ the ridge height would be RH=(100’/(10 x 2)+25’ i.e. 5’+25’=30’

Q. Is brick wall required?

A. In general wall cladding will be done above the brick wall. It can also be done till the bottom without brick walls. By default most of the owners prefer the wall to be of 10’ which will be convenient for fixing of windows, lintels, rolling shutters and doors. Height of the wall is decided accordingly as per the processes or staking support requirement.

Q. How fast the PEB can be executed?

A. Typically upto 1Lakh sft it takes 30 days for production of material from the date of approval. Another 30 days for erection. This is all put together within 60days.

Q. Masons in our locality are unorganized and not much technically strong to execute civil foundations to suite the PEB structure. How can we address this problem?

A. Based on the soil bearing capacity of the site, we give detailed foundation drawings consisting of dimensions, (Tor)steel cross sections, grades of cement, PCC etc. The drawings will be simplified in such that even a layman can understand it. However our engineer will visit the site before starting the marking or foundation work. He shall clarify and give details to the working civil contractor or mason.

Q. Can we really shift PEB to other place?

A. Yes, PEBs can be shifted from one place to other easily. In few unavoidable circumstances you may have to shift the factory or warehouse. Shifting of PEB can give a complete value to the money invested on it. The entire structure can be shifted and re-used. If it was in case of conventional kind of construction, once the structure is demolished it is considered as debris and cannot be used in any valuable way

Q. Is PEB suitable for Rural Godown?

A. Yes, PEB is superior to conventional type of construction. It is acceptable by NABARD and eligible for subsidies.

Q. What will be an ideal clear span (without Intermediate column)?

A. Clear span of 100mts can also be designed for PEB. Cost optimization is very important. An optimized ideal clear span is up to 80’.

Q. What will be the finishing of Primary structures?

A. Primary structures will be arrived at site with 2 coats of primers. Enamel paints will be applied before or after erection on site. Supply of enamel paints scope will be of customer. However, application of enamel paint will be done by erection contractor.

Q. We already started the foundation work to execute the shed in conventional manner; can we use the same foundations for PEB?

A. The bay spacing of conventional sheds will be less in caparison to PEB sheds. Whether the same foundations can be used or not can be decided only after knowing the details of foundation done.

Q. Will wall cladding affect the ambient temperature inside the shed?

A. The temperature will be 2 to 3 degree Celsius more in sheet claded sheds compared to fully brick wall constructed sheds. The temperature can be controlled by installing Turbo Ventilators or Ridge Ventilators.

Q. What all details we need to give to PEB manufacturer to get the best quote?

A. In order to get a best price from us we require the details of proposed shed like Length, Width, Eave Height, Brick wall Height No. of openings required and Location of site.

Q. Can we extend the existing conventional building with PEB?

A. Yes we can. Onsite measurements are required for such projects. Existing conventional shed’s column placement & cross section details and foundation details will be required to design calculations.

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