Structural Steel

KIPL’s structural steel yields are well-designed, hot rolled and welded steel constructions for applications like heavy industries, oil & gas, power plants, high-rise/commercial buildings, petrochemical industry, airports and other focused constructions. We are one of the utmost inventive steel structure fabricators and are always eyeing to improve our range of business products and services, together with project implementation.

Structural steel has conventionally been fabricated on-site, mostly due to absence of infrastructure for conveying heavy divisions from an off-site workshop to a project location. Furthermore, there is frequently insufficient space at a place to set up a fabrication workshop and accomplished labor is accessible at a premium. These concerns can always be alleviated by workshop-made steel structures that are verifying to be more effectual in terms of timelines and quality. This aids to lessen the time and cost of implementation, and is predictable to fuel the request for steel buildings in future. The speed of implementation is a serious factor for any big industrial project fabrication. The plans that took longer periods to complete are now being accomplished in a shorter time in a considerable amount of cost investments.