Pre Engineered Buildings Accessories


Together with the main building components, KIPL offers an extensive range of construction accessories.

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Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are utilized in warehouses, hangars etc., where a bigger opening into the building is essential. Sliding doors are not hinged but quite rollers are provided on uppermost of the doors and this breaker is positioned on brackets letting a sliding effort. There are two types of sliding doors called single leaf and double leaf.

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Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are positioned on the walls of a building and are two slided. They are progressed by a sliding action measured by guide ways and the jamb fins. Numerous windows can be shaped by joining the jamb fins. Normal size of an aluminum window is 1 m x 1m.

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These are the panels prepared from high pressure inserted polyurethane foam and are destined for shielding a building. These are CFC-free and self-extinguishing, can endure intense heat, contain very low temperatures and provide very low rates of water immersion and vapor diffusion. These panels also deliver brilliant adhesion to the panel’s covering.

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A louver is a structure comprising modifiable overlapping blades that allow air movement and also block sunlight entrance. The normal size obtainable is 1m x 1m, that also integrates insect screen, hand crank and blade alteration lever.

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Fasteners are of self-drilling bolts No. 14, ended of steel wire and EPDM fused washers. The fasteners are either basic carbon or stainless steel form.

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Power Ventilators

KIPL ‘C’ short-lived low silhouette extract ventilator with turned aluminum non-return shutter. Offers ventilation when there is no air and is positioned on top of the roof sections.

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Skylights & Wall Lights

Made of luminous GRP to match KIPL wall and rib panels, with an assessed light conveying capacity of 60 %.

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Ridge Ventilators

This is a gravity-type ventilator that is provided with a fowl screen and motorized controlled damper. Gives natural ventilation of the building.

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Roof Jacks

These are inclusions for stacks or pipes projecting from the rooftop. They let for safe functioning on the roof.

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Roof Curbs

These are inclusions for channels or other roof predictions made up of armored plastic fitting KIPL rib roof sheets.

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Sand Trap Louvers

This louver contains of diverse form of flashings preparation in a determined manner to create a sand trap. The dual advantages of the sand trap louver are not merely to aid with natural ventilation but also to perform as a sand trap.

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